Pushkar M. Singh, Esq.

“I bring a decade of combined experience to the table; at my fingertips, I have a broad range of personal injury expertise.”

I was born in Baltimore, Maryland, to immigrant parents from India. My father is a Doctor, and my mother, a Respiratory Therapist. They knew the value of education and hard work as a path to success. My parents taught me to invest in myself through the power of education.

At a young age, I was sent away to attend an all boy’s boarding school in Nainital, India. I received a scholarship for college and attended law school one year after my undergraduate degree. A self-made man is hard to find these days!

Push’s mantra is always: “Looking for the highest $$$ amount” for his clients. When you hire Mitra Firm, you will receive the rigorous legal representation you deserve when everything is on the line for you and your family. When you hire me – you have hired a Lion!

When you retain Mitra Firm, you receive individualized attention on your case, outstanding customer service, a commitment to excellence, and a rigorous drive for results. As a client, I will have my individual and direct attention to your file. I am a seasoned attorney who will be litigating your case from the initial client consultation to settlement.