The Mitra Firm Car Accident Attorneys in Florida

Car Accidents

Let’s just get straight to the point – car accidents suck! And, to add insult to your injury, the insurance companies offer to pay you SIGNIFICANTLY less than what you deserve in compensation. That’s an outright scam! Many insurance companies refuse to take you seriously if you do not have legal representation. You need a law firm that will take on the insurance company and fight for your fair compensation – The Mitra Firm is that law firm.

The insurance companies will do whatever is possible to justify lower compensation for your case. For years, we’ve fought against these insurance companies and collected millions of dollars in compensation for victims of car accidents and injury.

The longer you wait, the more money you may be losing from a deserved settlement issued by your insurance company. And remember – we operate on a contingency-fee only, meaning your case is free unless we win. Contact Us Today for your Free Case Review!

If you’re in a car accident…

  • Call 911 or seek immediate medical help.
  • Immediately inform the police in order to get a report on record.
  • Collect the other driver’s information – full name, contact details and insurance info.
  • Collect the information of any witnesses on the scene – name and contact info.
  • Take photos of the damage, scene of the accident and injuries.
  • Contact your insurance company and do not talk with the other driver’s insurance company or give any statements.
  • Contact an attorney for a consultation.

The Mitra Firm Process

First, we’ll start with an initial consultation. This will help us to gather the initial information we will need to process, and the likelihood of receiving a large settlement.

Next, we will gather any records related to your claim. This will include medical records, police reports, witness testimony and insurance information. These documents will help us to build your case by understanding the extent and severity of your injury.

We will investigate your accident by using the details and documentation you’ve provided combined with collecting evidence such as footage, reviewing police records, and examining the scene of the accident.

We shall proceed to negotiate with the opposing party to decide upon an entitled settlement for your injury case. As always, we’re prepared to settle any cases in court should the opposing party refuse to come to a fair negotiation.