The Mitra Firm Homeowner Attorneys and Property Damage Attorneys in FL

Homeowners and Property Damage

Insurance companies are known for their unwillingness to payout the proper worth from your property damage claims. Companies will intentionally skew their policies in manners that will allow them to minimize payouts or completely refuse to pay.

If your property or home is in serious need of repair and your insurance company is refusing to pay a fair amount, we can find loopholes, faults and errors within their policies to support our disputes and recover the proper compensation for your losses.

We have experience and have succeeded in disputing insurance companies to recover compensation for property damage claims. These property damage claims can include policyholders with contracts covering tornado damage, hurricane damage, flood damage, fire damage, theft, vandalism and other catastrophic events.

“How can hiring The Mitra Firm help with your claim dispute?”

Unless you have a lawyer, insurance companies are most likely to give you the runaround, overwhelming you with paperwork, technical jargon and false policies to discourage your claim dispute. With The Mitra Firm as your property damage attorneys, we are adamant on battling the insurance companies to recover a fair compensation for losses.

Because of our range of experience, our attorneys can examine your policy and quickly determine the level of your coverage and the justified amount that an insurance company is required to make. We can also use our network of adjusters and investigators to conduct thorough investigations into your home damage including previous inspections, appraisals, property audits and any other documentation to support your claim dispute.

“Why did the insurance company deny my claim?”

Insurance companies are notoriously known for avoiding claim payouts. Typically, these insurance companies will falsify policies or dig up contradictory terms within the contract to deny your claim and force dispute.

If you’ve contacted your insurance company after your home was damaged, you’ve probably experienced the insurance company offering you a low-ball settlement for your claim and deem it as the “maximum compensation.” DO NOT believe them and DO NOT accept their offer. In many instances, insurance companies will allege that your property damage was due to wear and tear or some other related homeowner responsibility or negligence leaving you to foot the expensive bill.

If you feel that your insurance provider has wrongfully denied your damage claim or offered you an unfair payout, contact us immediately for a free case review to determine if we can help you collect more money for your claim.