We gladly accept lawyer referrals

The Mitra Firm accepts and welcomes case referrals from other lawyers and attorneys throughout the United States. The Mitra Firm pays referral fees as permitted by Florida Bar Rule 4-1.5, which is typically 25% of the gross attorney fee.

We are specialists in personal injury including vehicle accidents and workplace injuries, and referring to our firm can serve as a mutually beneficial working relationship for all parties.

Let’s work together!

Referral Benefits:
Why should you refer to The Mitra Firm?

  • We’re professionals that have taken on cases small to large, and simple to complex within a wide range of different scenarios.
  • We can maximize the opportunity to handle multiple cases while leveraging the focus on each individual case to win.
  • We always consider the best interest of our clients and referrals, so we will only suggest the best and reasonable course of action.
  • Lastly, we’re not afraid to go to trial! We will tackle the insurance companies head on through properly filed paperwork and a strong court presence.

Our Referral Commitment – In all instances, we adhere to legal and ethical guidelines by means of using a contract agreement specifying all signatures and the role of the attorney. With this agreement in place, all parties remain protected for a transparent working relationship moving forward. By rules and protocol of the Florida Bar, the signed contract and closing statements will include the necessary information and percentage fees for the referral.

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