Our lawsuit department is a service like no other. Instead of hard-to-read insurance company policies, what you receive is a visual and easy-to-follow display of what your law journey will look like.


At no cost, Mitra Firm will create and organize a customized plan to suit your case’s needs and taste. We can provide you with a large variety of experiences and use our expertise to coordinate legal events in a way that works well together—at no cost to you.

How It Works

Call us at 305-409-4900 to schedule an appointment.

You will then have the opportunity to have a meeting in person (or don’t) with Mitra Firm and make any recommendations that you would like.

Our firm will come to your business and review documents, uplift spirits and be a team player for your receivables. We will note information like insurance companies, reimbursement for dates of service, etc., along with anything you would like to incorporate in your legal rights.

If you hire us to handle your case, the cost will come off our tab, making it no cost in the end.

When lawsuits are complete, you will receive it via email along with a check and a closing statement, a recovered amount and a total thank you from us for allowing us to do the work.

Otherwise, you can use our knowledge and information yourself with our contacts and recommendations, with a list of the strategy we proposed.

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