Were you injured on the job or place of employment?

During your time on the job, you could be moderately or even seriously hurt and injured. Because of that injury, you may have to file a worker’s compensation claim. Each state has different workers’ compensation laws. In the state of Florida, you may want to be aware of the following:

  • Florida state law requires that all employers purchase workers’ comp coverage (with only a few exceptions)
  • Occupational injuries are compensated, regardless of fault
  • Employers may be immune from some type of injury lawsuits based on circumstance, but you can still gain benefits

Because insurance companies and employers are typically not fond of any sort of liability, they will try hard to minimize your injury and circumstances under which you were injured. Employers and insurance companies may also attempt to claim that your injuries were not sustained on the job.

In order to get your employer or employer’s insurance company to grant your claim, you may need a lawyer’s representation.

If you filed a claim and it was denied, WE can represent YOU to ensure your workers’ compensation claim is accepted and you receive the money necessary to cover injuries sustained and expenses. Before we settle for less, we will take it to court.

And remember, it is almost always illegal for an employer to discriminate or terminate your employment because you filed a workers’ compensation claim.

Complete our free case review and we can help you with your claim.